Call for Abstracts

Tell us a little about what you want to present at TIE 2023.

Please submit a short Abstract of approximately 100 words, outlining the main issues, technologies or applications that you propose to submit as formal input to the TIE 2023 Conference in September.

Your final submission will be due in May and can be in the form of

  • a 1-2 page briefing paper [Idea and Enterprise Track];
  • a 3-5 page description for a poster/demonstration display [Demo Tack];
  • or formal paper submissions of 6-11 pp (short paper) or 12-15+ pp (full paper) in length [Main Track].

Please send your outline Abstract (or request for more information) by the 31st March, to Professor David Crawford, TIE 2023 General Chair:

[email protected]

Copied to Ivana Bujdakova, TIE 2023 Conference Manager:

[email protected]